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Riverside Village Hall, as seen from the Swan Pond Trail

The Salt Creek Singletrack Society had its beginnings as a group dedicated to the maintenance of the Singletrack trail system as it exists on the banks of the Salt Creek and the DesPlaines River.

We first concerned ourselves with removing deadfall from existing trails, clean up of broken glass and debris left after flooding events, and routing of trails away from areas where erosion threatened the stability of the banks and the continued use of the trail.

We went on to become involved with issues of trail access for all users, and we continue to strive to establish an understanding among all trail users, and a cooperative, communicative exchange of issues and concerns among trail patrons.

As we are canoeists, as well as equestrians, hikers, dog walkers, fishermen and mountain bikers, we found it a natural extension of our mission to include the issues of watershed access, ecosystem restoration, water quality monitoring and habitat preservation to our agenda.

As we got to know the dedicated people involved in each of these endeavors, it became clear that each group had a committment to the environment as a Whole, and that a common thread ran through all of these groups, in spite of the fact that they often did not even know of each others' existence!

Lots of rides, not many on roads!

We hope to promote the many great outdoor recreational options available to those in the Chicagoland area, by providing maps, tips and access to other resources you may need to fully explore Chicagoland's green spaces.

Feel free to contact us with any questions, and be sure to share your own favorite rides with us for inclusion in this web site. If you have a group ecological or recreational activity that you would like promoted, let us know!

Have fun, learn more about our metropolitan area, and, as always, ride, row and romp responsibly!

Canoeing The Salt Creek

The Salt Creek Singletrack Trail Network
The Salt Creek Wateshed Network


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